mobilize your community. fuel your cause. create change.


Nonprofits: this is your fundraising centre. Your hub for raising funds to fuel your mission. Change Makers: This is the tool you need to create the change you seek. Whether you are an established non profit with a campaign to mobilize your base or whether you are an individual with a cause that matters - the Pier to Peer fundraising centre is your cause driven platform.


Brand the centre with your organizations colour scheme and use it to have friends, donors and volunteers create personal pledge pages; OR create the whole givecentre around a single cause and use it as a place for people to get connected with your cause and donate directly to what matters to them.


The system is Drupal Based - which means easy and quick customization with a few clicks of a button. We are the payment processor - so there's no need to hook up a third party to the platform. Set your global twitter and facebook settings, integrate your ShareThis code, link it with your Google Analytics and get the word out there. Campaigners can upload their content, integrate YouTube videos and link it up with their personal social networks to drive the mission.